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Kerani, a Dutch composer and orchestrator, crafts contemporary instrumental music. Her compositions are known for their opulent orchestration, poignant melodies, and rich harmonies, conveying grandeur and beauty. She consistently opts for live recordings, featuring orchestral instruments and string sections, adding authenticity to her creations.

The Water of Life is subtle, rich and tempts the mind with seductive vibration into the world of majesty.

Janet Mawdesley

Blue Wolf Reviews

'Silent Heart' out now!

Silent Heart - COVER

‘Silent Heart’ was launched on April 1st 2024. Check out the new sounds on your favourite streaming platform!

  • Silent Heart - Kerani
  • The Gift - Kerani
  • Colour The World - Kerani
  • Watching Clouds - Kerani
  • Passion - Kerani
  • Solitude - Kerani
  • Is this a Dream? - Kerani
  • Tides of Emotion - Kerani
  • Nocturne - Kerani
  • Anthem - Kerani
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The Water of Life is one of the finest examples of neoclassical music currently out there.

Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio

Effortlessly flow into the water of life with this gorgeous album.

Dyan Garris

New Age CD & New Age Notes Staff

Cosmic and telluric, Kerani’s piano keys are the ticking of the clock in the sands of the world. Kerani’s music is pure gold. Etherial!

Sergiu Alex

Radio Domeldo, Romania

Although “Sands Of Time” is inspired by ancient Greek mythology and its lasting imprint on humans, the music of Kerani is now unfolding. A veritable sonic sanctuary, “Sands Of Time” is an epic recording of musical majesty that skillfully merges the time-honored traditions of classical music with the contemporary sound of New Age music. Fans of Kerani’s noteworthy catalog of previous recordings will find new inspiration on “Sands Of Time”.

Robert S. Silverstein

Stardust has to be the finest release that Kerani has ever produced; it’s empowering, thought-provoking, emotive and simply beautiful at every twist and turn of the album […] it contains a confident and stylish performance on keyboards, synths, and piano, it includes such a vast array of musicianship and support and a top-notch quality of production.

Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio

Equilibrium is a highly inspired album. It is for sure of this year’s finest releases – from one of our favorite new artists. With a few more releases like this, Kerani might very well become our next New Age music superstar.

BT Fasmer

Call it new age music or modern-classical music, but it has everything you could want – lovely melodies, some spacey sections, piano-synth augmented by some classical instruments, relaxing but interesting.

Buzz Music

Delicate and yet strong, each of the pieces creates the essential energy which is woman. Kerani has once again used her undoubted talent with keyboard and synthesizer, combined with orchestral arrangements to create magnificence in sound.

Blue Wolfs Reviews


Stardust is a collection of larger-than-life melodies. It is a marvellous album. The production is spotless and each track is made with love and artistic vigour.

BT Fasmer

This is delicate music, textured, with depth and dimension,…. This is love, passion, companionship, caring, nurturing, feeling, human music from the ages of ages.

Music Discussion Forum

Dear Ms Kele, I truly enjoyed listening to the peaceful tunes of your music. Let’s explore “Worlds Unknown” together. Koichi Wakata

Koichi Wakata

Dr. Eng. Astronaut

Although she has already released several albums, Equilibrium is finally the album that may just put this very talented lady on the musical map.

Robert S. Silvertein

New age music that isn’t noodling and formless,… tasty, engaging stuff that proceeds with just the right touch.

Midwest Record

El perfeccionamiento de Kerani en los últimos años ha sido exponencial. La calidad en la producción y la composición están a la altura de los más grandes compositores, ya sean del género New Age como de otros estilos instrumentales. Equilibrium es sin lugar a dudas, uno de los Mejores Álbumes del Año, al que damos la mayor de las puntuaciones.

Alejandro Clavijo

Reviews New Age Spain

The love, empathy, and understanding of feminine energy provide inspiration for this magnificent treasury.

Midwest Book Review

This is fine head music of the highest order.

Midwest Record

Een zeer mooi album, dat voor mij een echt New Age gevoel oproept. Prachtige “spacescapes” om op te gaan in een interstellaire omgeving!

Patrick Van de Wiele

Click HerKeys and Chords Belgium

With Equilibrium, Kerani has created another masterpiece. I am profoundly impressed with Kerani’s musicality and creativity. Her skills as a composer, arranger, and instrumentalist are stellar. Her use of electronic keyboards to create orchestration is breathtaking - in fact, some of the best I’ve ever heard.

Michael Diamond

Music & Media Focus

This is some of the finest new age instrumental music released this year. This new age music moves at its own pace, carefully weaving its silken threads together into a beautiful whole.

Magle Int'l Music Forums

Equilibrium is an outstanding album, with exceptional music that is, as we have come to expect from Kerani, innovative, poignant, expressive, beautiful, inspired, and at times even magical.

Gaia Prime Radio

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Kerani is an award-winning composer, arranger, and producer of neo-classical music, electronic music, and soundtrack. Her music is often described as sophisticated and carefully crafted, with classical influences and is mostly based on themes of exceptional eloquence and emotive power. Her natural gift for melody and counterpoint, that is supported by matching resources in harmony and orchestration, makes her music appealing to the public. Kerani is known to create storytelling that captures people, places, moments in history and passionate feelings.