Kerani was born in Belgium to a Hungarian father and a German mother, and currently lives in the Netherlands where she and her partner, Arno Op den Camp, run Kerani Music Studio, their music recording and production studio. As a child she often listened to the great classical composers. When she was four years old, her family got an old piano, which she taught herself to play. "The rise of electronic music in the late Seventies and Eighties was a revelation to me", she says. "The new sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk and Mike Oldfield boosted my inspiration."

In 1986, Kerani teamed up with a couple of studio musicians to record the instrumentals Seagullsong and Oblivion. The single got regional airplay and Oblivion became the tune of a breakfast show on Radio2 Flanders. In this period, she also performed as the lead vocalist and keyboardist in a cover band.

In the year 2000, Kerani moved to Italy where she taught English language courses. She wrote and published a book of children's stories called Cherub.

In 2011, Kerani composed the soundtrack for 4 documentary films commissioned by the Historical Society of the Roerstreek in the Netherlands. In the same year, she also released her first album, Wings of Comfort. Her second album, The Journey, was launched exactly one year later. Both recordings received strong airplay. In this period, she has also worked for Peaceful Radio, a Dutch internet radio station, where she conducted interviews with various international new-age artists, such as the famous shakuhachi master Rodrigo Rodriquez and the German healing singer Sabine van Baaren.

In the run-up to the release of her third album Arctic Sunrise in 2014, Kerani wrote the soundtrack for two documentaries that were commissioned by the NWO - the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research. She also re-orchestrated several children's songs for an instruction DVD for disabled children, called 't Steyntje zingt. Arctic Sunrise went to #2 on the International Zone Music Reporter Chart for new-age music, got airplay on hundreds of radio stations worldwide, was a Top 10 album on the annual ZMR rankings, and won the ZMR Neo-Classical Album of the Year Award.

In May 2015, just a few days before she performed in concert with Terry Oldfield, Kerani launched her fourth concept album, Equilibrium. On this album, she is joined by special guest musicians including concertmaster of the South-Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra Wilfred Sassen, violist Joanne Wigmans, cellist Joep Willems and brass musician Jos Gijsen. Some of the musicians are known internationally, such as shakuhachi flute player and recording artist Rodrigo Rodriguez, guitarist Romain van Beek and flautist and vocalist Jan Mertens. Equilibrium was named by radio programmers one of the Top 5 Best Neo-Classical Albums of 2015. In the UK, it also received a nomination for the OWM Radio Award for Best Electronic Album.

Stardust is the name of Kerani’s 5th concept album, which was launched in May 2017. This 10-track space-themed release was recorded with a symphonic orchestra, a mixed choir and 10 solo musicians. In total, 60 musicians have participated in this elaborate project. When writing her new album, Kerani was inspired by space technologies and exploration distant stars and planets, and the miraculous fact of life as we know it here on Earth. Stardust is a tribute to all those who journey up to space and risk their lives in the name of science and for the future of humankind.

Beside running the recording studio and creating her own productions, Kerani regularly composes music and writes arrangements for other artists as well. In 2016, she wrote all the piano arrangements on Benny Hitt's alternative rockalbum, called The essence to remain alive. Kerani also manages to show a different side of herself by composing Celtic and Native Indian inspired music.


In this YouTube video, Kerani speaks of the importance of the legacy of art, music, and the creative energy we leave for the good of mankind.


The story behind Stardust: Terry J. Hawke, HFM Market Harborough interviews Kerani - June 3rd, 2017

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